Slough Black History

Black History is a part of everyone’s history

Working with a Black History Commissioning panel recruited from the Slough community, we are supporting events and activities to celebrate local Black History.

The projects explore untold and untaught stories of the Black community’s positive impact on Slough and Britain more widely.

Sheroes: Black Women Mural Project

Four inspirational murals.

Building on last year’s project when four inspirational black men were chosen and celebrated on Slough High Street with four vinyl murals, in 2021 four inspirational black women have been selected by last year’s men.

Local artist Calvin Ruan has created another stunning set of murals exhibited at various sites across Slough. The project is accompanied by blog posts by Christina Brooks-Abraham and a series of video interviews with Rochdale Alexis.

Read the blogs and see the videos about each of the women featured in the murals:


Celebrating the Blacknificent Power of Women.

This is a project led by Dawn Williams. Dawn will be presenting a series of podcasts highlighting Slough’s Black women who are out there making their mark with various businesses, enterprisers and entertainment that local people might not be aware of.

BLAPOW! will produce biweekly podcasts and blog posts celebrating these fantastic achievements.

Listen to the podcast and read the accompanying blog posts.

“I can be who I can see”

A project which raises awareness of different careers to young black people.

The aim for the project is to showcase the many careers and different job roles black people have in Slough as a way to inspire young people to consider careers they might not have thought of.

ADL Connexions will be leading a takeover of the Home Slough Instagram account with a series of photographs highlighting local heroes in the world of work.

The Instagram take-over is scheduled to begin on Monday 25th October so make sure you are following us on Instagram.

The Black Mark

Break down barriers, raise awareness.

Developed by Gary Bradshaw, the project encourages young males of all ethnicities to better understand each other’s differences in order to break down barriers and raise awareness of various diverse cultures.

Gary will be interviewing young people, gathering reflections and opinions of what they think (or know) of the contribution Black males have made to Slough, past and present.

Using this material, Gary will work with a drama group to create a documentary that transforms the narrative around Black masculinity, Black culture and how history is captured and shaped.

View the documentary and his other films on the VIBE YouTube Channel.

Bridging The Gap

Local entrepreneurs turning Art into Business.

A documentary exploring the creativity behind local Black businesses and what it takes to turn art into a business.

Bridging The Gap tells the stories of local owners and entrepreneurs in the town, celebrating Black artists’ enthusiasm, passion and inventiveness.

The documentary was released in April 2022 and is available to watch on YouTube.