Once Upon A Time In Slough

Come and hear stories from the heart of Slough

Once Upon A Time In Slough was a series of workshops and performances where we shared people’s stories about what makes the town a place of intrigue, imagination and importance.

Together we uncovered all sorts of tall tales and fascinating fables, rooted in people and place, the telling of which excite and entertain.

Once Upon A Time In Slough was made up of Story Kits and Campfires…


Everything you need to tell your tale

We created a Story Kit with Slough Museum, author Venessa Taylor and illustrator Alessia Imbalzano Hilton to inspire everyone’s inner storyteller. Each Story Kit contained instructions, a story game and ideas – everything you needed to tell your tale and share it with the world.

Available in English, Polish, Punjabi, Urdu and Tamil, the Story Kits were distibuted by local Slough library, sent out to people and availaable via downlaod from our website.


Stories to be told in the glow of firelight…

We brought together five community groups and five storytellers to create fascinating fables to be told around the campfire.

These co-created stories were shared between the groups, and then there was a public performance on on Saturday 12 March at The Venue at Curve Library.

“All people are storytellers. Other than love, there is no stronger connection between people than storytelling.”

Venessa Taylor, bestselling author and creator of the Story Kits