Sheroes: Christina Brooks-Abraham

Christina Brooks-Abraham

Christina is a multitalented woman: a creative, community leader and teacher with a fierce will and a strong sense of compassion and love, particularly for the young. She can sing, dance and more than these she is an amazing storyteller.

Born to two Anguillian parents Jennifer and Lionel Brooks in Taplow hospital she has grown up in Slough but remains strongly tied to her Anguillian roots. She excelled at school but also had to battle with racism and a not very accepting environment as part of the first generation of Caribbean children born in the mother country after the Windrush era migration.

In her childhood she learned community building at the feet of greatness: her Dad and Mum were strong community builders and her mother who was a fierce supporter and very involved in Lydia Simmon’s work behind the scenes. She came to motherhood early and has created an amazing family of creative and inspiring people and created a welcoming family environment for many other young people in her home and life. She co-founded many organisations dedicated to inspiring young people’s creativity including VIBE and Motivation. She also cares deeply for her community both her ancestral Anguillian home and the wider Caribbean and Black community. She founded Anguilla in Action and continues that work as community engagement / consular services for the Anguillian government in the UK. Christina has organised and performed in international performing arts tours and live concerts, with performers and directors including her young people from Motivation. She has written stories for two anthologies. She received a BBC writing award and received a Woman in the Arts Award 2003 for Slough. She co founded the Slough Caribbean Forum in order to promote better cooperation across the community and help the voices of Slough’s Caribbean community to be collectively heard. She has worked with schools for over 25 years to promote better understanding of Black British history and culture across the UK. Not to be held back by lockdown during the pandemic she co founded book groups on Zoom for adults (Ebony) and families (Lets Read Together), promoting better understanding of Black British history. She also inspired and facilitated a range of Black history and community projects during the pandemic including Black butterfly, Global cooking and Global music all designed to inspire all ages and promote cross cultural understanding and friendship. She is the creator of the mural project in conjunction with HOME Slough and was honoured to be chosen as one of the most impactful women in Slough.

To meet Christina is to meet a whirlwind of energy, joy and creativity. Slough thanks you for your perseverance creativity and community building.

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