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Our new strands of work

As part of our new season of work, we are presenting three new strands.

These will run from October 2021 to March 2022 – and will appear throughout Slough.

Slough Black History: Black History is a part of everyone’s history

Working with a Black History Commissioning panel recruited from the Slough community, we are supporting events and activities to celebrate local Black History.

The projects range from murals to photography, films and podcasts – and all highlight the achievements of Black people who have lived, loved and worked in Slough.

We will explore untold and untaught stories of the Black community’s positive impact on Slough and Britain more widely. We want to show how Black History is a part of everyone’s history, and how everyday heroes can inspire and empower us all.

Using Black History Month as an inspiration, we will then continue to programme events until March 2022.

More abour Slough Black History

Once Upon A Time In Slough: Uncovering the hidden stories at the heart of Slough

This strand will run in late 2021 and aims to showcase the stories and legends that make Slough a place of ingenuity, creativity and greatness.

We will be supporting projects in the town – working with different community groups to tell their stories in different and creative ways – and to uncover the hidden heart of Slough.

LOVE Slough: Sharing our passion for the town

In spring 2022, we will celebrate the end of this season of work with Love Slough.

This will be a celebration of all that there is to love about Slough and its communities.

“Beacons” will appear across Slough to bring people together to share their passion for the town. These might be anything from a light installations to a micro-festival to a community performance or a new sculpture. They might all be different but will all be linked together through a shared love.

“Thank you for organising this, because for me it was the best thing I’ve done ever, and the most enjoyable thing I’ve done ever. I’ve learnt a lot.”

Participant, The Great and The Grand show with Dynamite Island