The chance to work together

There are many ways you can get involved and work with us to create remarkable and memorable creative events in Slough.

Join our Community Programming Board, volunteer, get your business involved with our Business Engagement Board – or maybe even join our Team!

If you’re an artist or company looking to work with us, please see our Statement For Artists and Companies at the end of this page.

Community Programming Board

Decide what we do

To support the development of HOME Slough, we have set up a Community Programming Board (CPB).

The Board is open to anyone who lives and/or works in the local community and is interested in helping us realise creative events to Slough. The Board shapes HOME Slough’s programme and ensures the Community’s voice remains at the heart of everything we do.

Get involved

Businesses and partnerships

Nurture Slough’s creative future

The Business Engagement Board (BEB) offers a space for the business community to meet HOME Slough and help develop Slough’s creative future.

Together with Slough BID, we are piloting the BEB as a network for businesses – however big or small – to engage with the arts and culture in the town.


How your business can get involved


Support what we do

We couldn’t do the what we do without our hardworking volunteers. We offer the chance to meet new people, learn new things and drink lots of tea!

We always love to hear from people of all ages and abilities who want to help us with running our events and projects.

More on volunteering with us

Job opportunities

Come and join our team!

Currently we are recruiting a new Leadership Team.



See current vacancies

Working with Artists and Companies

If you are an artist or company wanting to work with HOME Slough, this statement explains how we work.

  • At the moment there are no direct programming opportunities with HOME Slough. And to be honest, we very rarely directly programme work.

    We are about more people choosing, creating and taking part in brilliant art experiences in Slough. So our funding is to increase engagement in arts, culture and creativity in the town. Arts Council England has recognised Slough as an area with low engagement in arts compared to other UK towns but also recognises Slough as a place with great creative potential.

    Although the lack of arts and cultural events coming to Slough is one of the factors for lower than average engagement, we work closely with the local community to support them in developing the programme they want.

    Our work is co-designed, co-commissioned and co-created with our Community Programming Board (CPB), an open group made up of residents and creatives living in Slough.

    Together with the CPB, we are working to support the commissioning of new and more diverse work in Slough. As these strands of work develop we will promote open calls for programme submissions, co-commission and co-creation opportunities.

    We would be happy to keep your details on a database and hope that you will consider working with us in the future.

    Please email your details to info@homeslough.org.uk and use the subject line “Artists and Companies”

    Otherwise, follow our social media as any call outs will appear on these channels.

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