Sheroes: Unknown Black woman of faith

Unknown Black woman of faith

These are the hands that have carried the load of generations of pain, hard work and perseverance. The heavy load of persecution, misjustice and pain. These hands have held their own stomach or those of other women. Who embrace the womb that is filled with a child that hopefully is the answer to many a pray for a brighter future. These hands have cooked, washed, cleaned and carried shopping to feed the whole household and neighbours too, all that are in need.

The head is bowed in submission and prayer, seeking assistance and guidance and strength to endure all trails life bears.

This is the Black woman of faith. One who seeks her strength from a power source higher then her. A power that keeps her charged up. She represents the very fibre of the community. The unseen threads that sew and weave the unity between men who would be at war, if it wasn’t for her loving embrace. “Peace, be still.” she whispers in his ear. He may be her Dad, her husband, brother or son. She is the wind beneath his wings.

There is a woman that is a keeper of the peace in many faiths and even those who feel they are not religious. Their determination to continue to push through barriers. Theirs is a spirit of tolerance, their love and compassion is second to none.

This image is dedicated to the unbending, resilient woman of faith. The links in the chain of generations of joy and pain, of life’s ups and downs. Her prayers sustain the lives of so many. Her is head bowed most days, asking for higher power to assist and grant favour in her community.

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