On Your Doorstep Commission Call Out

Up to £1000 towards a local community arts event on your doorstep

HOME Slough is seeking to commission a number of community groups and individuals to present arts events within their local community. We have commissions of £500-1000 to fund for work until February 2023.

What is On Your Doorstep?

On Your Doorstep is a new commissioning strand from HOME Slough that aims to bring arts to your local community in 2022/23..

HOME Slough have a £15,000 commission pot for community groups and individuals to present arts work within their community. We’re keen to commission communities to come together and celebrate with arts on their doorstep.

On Your Doorstep will run over a number of months until the commission pot is exhausted.

Read on to find out what we’re looking for, who is eligible, deadlines and how you can find out more through one of our briefings.

What are we looking for?  

We are keen to commission work that is: 

  1. For a local community. This could be an established community, your immediate neighbours or street. We don’t want to restrict how we define a community. 
  2. Takes place in local settings. We want to ensure On Your Doorstep events takes place in as many locations across Slough as possible. This means we’re looking to commission work across the town, not just from one specific area. 
  3. Memorable for all who are involved. Let’s have some fun!
  4. High quality art. It’s difficult to define what high quality is, but we at HOME Slough always strive to elevate work that is commissioned through guidance and provocation. 
  5. Free to engage. There should be no barriers to attend. 
  6. Broad in scope. We want to commission anything from knitting, performances, films, puppetry or crafty activities – anything that is arts based. 
  7. Considers accessibility to ensure as many people can take part as possible. 
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What do you get? 

If you are successful, as part of the On Your Doorstep commission, you will receive: 

  • A commission between £500-1000 for your arts event. 
  • Support from HOME Slough in promotion of your event through inclusion on our website, newsletter and social media – as well as ideas for how you can attract your local audience and participants. 
  • Guidance from HOME Slough on producing the activity (subject to capacity). 

What Can You Spend The Commission On?

As part of the commission, you are responsible for determining what (or who) you need to deliver your idea.

We understand that creative ideas take many forms, and its important to fund what you need to get your idea off the ground.  However, there are a few restrictions on what you can spend the commission on.

PLEASE NOTE: We won’t be able to accept proposals that include: 

  • Equipment (asset) buying. This includes technical equipment or musical instruments. You can use the commission to hire any necessary equipment. 
  • Support activity that takes place outside of Slough. 
  • Work that happens within schools. Our funding restricts us from doing work within school settings including Higher Education.

What We Expect From You

HOME Slough will expect a few things if you receive a commission from us. 

This includes: 

  • Delivery of your commission by Monday 27 February 2023.
  • Regular updates on progress. 
  • Keeping to our brand guidelines when you produce any marketing yourself, including using the HOME Slough logo. 
  • Full credits for HOME Slough as the commissioners of the project. 
  • Asking you to be involved in any marketing opportunities or PR requests as part of the promotion of On Your Doorstep. 
  • Completion of evaluation materials that help us with our funding. 

How Do I Apply? 

Check out the FAQ’s below to see if you have any immediate questions that can be answered.

You can also attend one of our monthly online briefings where one of the HOME Slough team will talk about the programme and ask any questions.

Feel free to email us too on info@homeslough.org.uk if you have a specific question or wish to talk to us about your application before submitting. 

To apply now, fill out the application form.

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Attend a briefing 

HOME Slough shall be hosting monthly online Zoom briefings where you can learn about:

  • The commission opportunity
  • The sort of work we might be looking for
  • The process and of course you can ask us any questions. 

The next briefing is: 

We will upload a briefing video onto our YouTube channel (coming soon). 

Register for September briefing

Timeline and Assessing Applications

The below timetable shows the key dates on each month (apart from August – we’re taking a break to evaluate!).

You’ll be able to attend a monthly briefing to learn about the commission opportunity and then have until the 3 week of each month to submit your application. In the final week of the month the panel will meet, create a shortlist and invite selected applicants to an ‘interview’.

August 2022
  • Week commencing (w/c) 8th – Application deadline of 11 August to be considered in August panel meeting.
  • w/c 22nd – Interviews with Panel
September 2022
  • w/c 5th – Briefing (book now here)
  • w/c 19th – Application deadline of 22 September to be considered in September panel meeting
  • >w/c 26th – Interviews with Panel 
October 2022
  • w/c 3rd – Briefing (tbc)
  • w/c 17th – Application deadline of 20 October to be considered in October panel meeting.
  • w/c 24th – Interviews with Panel 
November 2022
  • w/c 31st – Briefing (tbc)
  • w/c 14th – Application deadline of 17 November to be considered in November panel meeting.
  • w/c 21st – Interviews with Panel 
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  • We have £15,000 available to commission local arts work.

    The panel will meet on a monthly basis to determine what gets commissioned. They’ll continue to meet until the commission pot has been exhausted.

    As an estimate, we imagine this commission opportunity will not run longer than 4 months, but will keep our website updated with any news on this. 


  • A panel made up of members from our Community Programming Board shall meet on a monthly basis to judge applications, creating a shortlist.

    If successful you will be invited to meet with the panel to discuss your application and idea further along with any questions the panel might have.

  • Yes.

    We’ll provide feedback for everyone who submits an application and where possible arrange a meeting to discuss further.  

  • Yes.

    Provided the activity you’re wishing to have commissioned is different, as are the communities they engage. 

  • We’d been providing feedback for all who apply.

    As part of this we might encourage you to think further about parts of our application (such as the community) and we might suggest you reapply in another month.

    There’s no guarantee it’ll make it to shortlisting but we’re happy to help you get the best application together. 

  • Yes.

    We recognise it might be easier for someone to submit an application via video or audio.

    Just follow the link to the application page with all the details. 

  • Yes.

    We’re happy to have a conversation about your application, ask questions, attend one of our briefings or one of our workshops where we’ll be discussing what makes a good application.

    We don’t want to waste anyone’s time so hopefully all of this will be valuable for all involved.

    If in doubt, ask us – email  info@homeslough.org.uk and a member of the HOME Slough team will respond as soon as possible.

  • HOME Slough commissions arts events of varying scales and artforms.

    We’re keen to not put a barrier on what is considered an arts event. It could be a performance, poetry, knitting, crafts, a writing workshop or even drumming.

    HOME Slough has previously commissioned a 6 hour music festival, art exhibitions, drumming performances, the creation of films, new poetry and a festival of happiness. 

  • All work must be completed before March 2023.

    Just keep in mind that as we head towards the winter months it will be more difficult to do things outside. 

  • Yes.

    This commission opportunity is all about local communities engaging in arts.  

  • Find out who is in your immediate neighbourhood.

    Are there preexisting community groups that already take part that you can connect with?

    Ask your neighbours if they’d be interested to get involved.

  • A community could be an established group, a community defined by a quality – e.g. cultural or heritage backgrounds, or just those who live immediately around you.

    Community can be broad or it can be narrow in definition. If in doubt, ask yourself, who is missing? 

  • If your event or work takes place within a Slough location then you’re eligible.

  • Unfortunately this commission is open to people who are residing in Slough. 

  • HOME Slough wants to ensure there is no barrier for someone to take part or watch an event/activity that is commissioned through us.

    That means it needs to be free to engage with and have accessibility built-in – such as an accessible venue or features accessibility such as BSL or captioning.  

  • We want to get to know the people behind the projects being pitched.

    It’s a great way for our panel of community members and for us at HOME Slough to get a sense of what you’re trying to achieve and how we can best support.

    We’ll keep the interviews brief, friendly and accessible. They’re not a test but an opportunity for us to find out more.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email on info@homeslough.org.uk and a member of the HOME Slough team will respond as soon as possible.