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Hannah joins HOME Slough

HOME Slough is happy to announce that Hannah Dix will be joining our Leadership Team as the new Executive Lead in August.

Hannah brings over 20 years of experience in arts development and a strong understanding of community engagement and participation.

Find out more about her in the Q&A below.

With Hannah in place, HOME Slough will be looking to recruit a new Creative Lead in the coming months as well as developing the Team.

“Hannah brings a real enthusiasm and passion for engaging people which fits with everything HOME Slough is trying to achieve. Her appointment marks the start of an exciting new phase of the Project’s development”
James Gough, Programme Lead

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Q&A with Hannah

Tell us a little about your past and where you have worked before in the arts?

Starting my career working in the theatre as a Deputy Stage Manager I soon moved into Arts Development where I have gained over 20 years of experience working in a mix of public and private organisations.

My work has involved leading on the delivery of a diverse range of community-based arts projects with and for communities. During this period, I also worked for a time as a secondary school and post 16 drama teacher and as a community event organiser for a national cancer charity.

What are your first impressions of Slough?

Friendly, interesting, multi-cultural with lots of possibilities and opportunities for cultural events and activities. Too much traffic!

What is it about the HOME Slough CPP programme that attracted you to the job?

I love reaching out to people and enthusing them about arts and culture. Having the chance to work with the diverse communities of Slough to provide opportunities for people to experience arts and cultural events, both as participants and as audience members, and giving them opportunities to enrich their lives is extremely exciting.

Through HOME Slough I am keen we place local people choosing, creating and taking part in high quality arts experiences at the heart of what we do making Slough a more vibrant place to live, work and visit and show the real power of creativity to help people live more fulfilled lives.

What would you like to bring to HOME Slough?

My genuine interest in people and my passion for working with communities along with my love of the arts. I am looking forward to bringing my experience of and enthusiasm for engaging local people in arts and cultural opportunities to the HOME Slough programme and the people we support and engage.

On a more personal note, I also hope my love of dancing and being the first one up on the dance floor will come in handy at some point!

Finally, Home Slough is all about trying to get new people to engage more in arts and culture. What are your earliest memories of engaging in the arts?

My earliest memory of engaging in the arts is from when I attended Ballet Classes when I was three years old. I have a wonderful memory of feeling so special in my pink leotard, skirt and ballets shoes. At the end of one class my Mum found me watching myself in a big mirror as I twirled around apparently practicing being a ballerina.

Another early memory is going with my family to the pantomime at the local theatre. That year the show was Cinderella and much to mine and my sisters delight along with the great songs and fun dance numbers there was a real horse pulling Cinderella’s carriage when she went to the ball!

I also have fond memories over the years of going to WOMAD, Notting Hill Carnival and taking part in street theatre as part of my degree.

“I love reaching out to people and enthusing them about arts and culture.”

Hannah Dix, our new Executive Lead

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