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LOVE Slough: Reflections

Our Creative Producer, Jake Orr, reflects on the LOVE Slough Festival and what it all meant.

What does it mean to love Slough?

A question that has resonated throughout the LOVE Slough Festival.

Is it about loving the community you’re part of? Is it about the plethora of cultures that inhabit Slough? Is it a particular place? A feeling?

Whatever it is, we’ve had the time to explore the theme of love through the Festival.

William Herschel features throughout the history of Slough – but did you know he was a composer as well as an astronomer? The Dionysus Ensemble recorded music by Herschel that had never been recorded previously.

Listen to a track below – all the pieces are available via most popular streaming services.

Working with local schools through Slough Music Service, the Ensemble created new songs inspired by Sir William’s music. Through our call out to local artists, Rob Harris and Stephen Ambrose (Stevoss) produced their own interpretations that were performed at our Herschel Remixed event.

Award-winning theatre company Milk Presents brought their participatory sound installation Hi-Vis to Queensmere Shopping Centre. Working with our Community Programming Board, the company created declarations of love that could be heard through the sound installation.

We brought dancing to the streets of Slough with Casson and FriendsThe Dance WE Made. This collaborative dance allowed residents of Slough to choreograph live with the dancers. We were also lucky to be able to train two student dancers from Creative Academy to perform alongside the professional dancers.

What does it mean to be a pioneer?

Within LOVE Slough, and through a steering committee, we produced the Pioneering Town micro-festival.

This was a series of events exploring how Slough has been a place of pioneering invention.

LEGO brought their Build The Change event to The Curve and fired our imaginations. We Are Astronomers astounded us with a pop-up planetarium featuring David Tennant. Events at the Horlicks Quarter and Britwell Youth Centre offered people other opportunities to explore Slough’s many other connections to innovation.

In the final days of the Festival, we had Slough’s Fine Art Festival Finale. You can see the winner on their website.

Performances at the train station brightened up commuters journeys, with Herschel Stars Choir and Innerverse creating new site-specific work especially for the Festival.

Loving a town through art, culture and creativity

By reaching out and engaging audiences, participants and artists in the town, LOVE Slough threw open the doors for what it means to love a town through art, culture and creativity.

Thanks to everyone who walked through those doors and joined us, to the artists who presented work, and to Arts Council England and Slough Central for the support they gave us.

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“LOVE Slough threw open the doors for what it means to love a town through art, culture and creativity.”

Jake Orr, Creative Producer

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