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Home Slough Community Programming Board

HOME Slough will soon be developing a programme of events for the coming months, and we need your help.

To support the development of the programme, we are setting up a pilot Community Programming Board (CPB). The CPB Pilot is for anyone who lives and/or works in the local community and is interested in helping us to decide how we work to bring creative events and activities to Slough.

The CPB will be run as a series of workshops. At these workshops, we’ll be shaping and making decisions on the direction and content of HOME Slough programme and ensuring that the community’s interests and needs are at the heart of what we do.

The CPB workshops will be every two months, and the first pilot meeting will be on 7 July, 6-7.30 pm, on Zoom. More details will be shared on the day but please find more information here and on the Eventbrite page.

Please register on Eventbrite – link here – if you’re interested in coming to the meeting and check out the ‘Order Confirmation’ email for Zoom login details. Please also feel free to pass this onto anyone else you think might be interested in attending.

Why have we set up the HOME Slough Community Programming Board?

We want to open the HOME Slough programming process up to a wide range of voices that would perhaps never usually be involved. A priority among these voices are members of Slough’s communities.

The Community Programming Board (CPB) is a way for HOME Slough to include various sectors of the community in planning and developing the new programme. It is all about getting the community and creative sectors involved at the very beginning of our thinking.

The CPB is not just about the community responding to early ideas from HOME Slough but also a place to bring their own fresh ideas.

By working together, from the start, HOME Slough’s programme will benefit from multiple perspectives and we’ll end up with even better products and processes for Slough.

Membership of the CPB is voluntary and open to all. It is a role that is fundamental in the success of the project. Initially we are piloting the approach – recognizing it will take a while to get it right.

Who should attend?

We are inviting local people interested in helping shape the HOME Slough programme – we want anyone who can bring their expertise and knowledge of the local area.

The CPB is a place for everyone to share their own expertise and experience, this might be expertise around community need and opportunities, or creative or cultural experience. It is a space to share, learn from others, to co-design and co-create a programme which will engage and excite all the communities of Slough.

Collectively we will explore the needs, ambitions and information we have from different angles, asking questions, making connections, and sparking ideas.

How will it work?

The CPB Pilot workshop will be run in a relaxed and open style using a ‘world café method’. This works on the simple assumption that people already have the wisdom and creativity to confront even the most difficult challenges, that the answers we need are available to us, and that we are wiser together than we are alone. World café style workshops allow for several small intimate conversations that happen in three or more rounds.

Due to COVID restrictions, our first CPB will be online. We will explain more on the day, but if you want to find out more about World Café, you can visit

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