Ideas Space

What is your creative idea that could make Slough better?

Ideas Space is where we collect up your ideas, projects and proposals – whether you’re an individual, an artist or an organisation.

This is a space for the smallest idea to the most ambitious plan. For ideas that you saw somewhere else to the wild dream that you have always had.

We want to hear your suggestions for creative activities and projects that meet as many of the following as possible:

10 things your idea could achieve

  1. Bring together local families

  2. Unite Slough’s different communities

  3. Reflect the cultural diversity of the town

  4. Reach new audiences for HOME Slough

  5. Add vibrancy to our programme

  6. Respond to our new strands of work

  7. Have a sustainable legacy and a future

  8. Be fully accessible

  9. Work within (or adapt to) Covid-19 restrictions

  10. Help make Slough a better place.

Share your idea with us

Your ideas do not need to meet all the above – it could achieve some or maybe one very well.

What you suggest should be creative and either take place in Slough or be about the town and its people. All the ideas must at their heart be about getting more people in Slough enjoying and participating in arts activities.

To share your ideas, please use the form.
Any questions, please email us.

Thank you!

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