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Our Community Programming Board (CPB) met last week and over 20 people across Slough joined us to discuss ideas around our Once Upon A Time In Slough programme for this autumn. This programme will celebrate the unheard stories of Slough rising from our communities and translating them into cultural events.

Across the session the CPB shared ideas around three provocations:

  • Listening Post – Stories through Sound
  • Campfire Tales – Stories Outside
  • Story Kit – Stories Delivered at Home

Listening Post – What does it mean to tell a story through sound and how could this be achieved through a sound installation? Could we take over a disused library bus and have a travelling sound library or maybe we’d rent a canal boat and bring sound stories down the Jubilee River.

Campfire Tales – Imagining we’re telling stories around the campfire, how would this translate for a community in 2021? Can we create an eco-friendly campfire made of light that tours community centres and care homes with local storytellers? What about a travelling campfire tent with storytelling workshops to bring out the unheard stories of Slough?

Story Kit – If we posted boxes out to communities in Slough what would a storytelling at home kit look like? Can storytelling bring together isolated individuals or allow young people to learn the stories of their elders? Can we commission an artist to create a storytelling kit?

Out of these discussions and provocations, our brilliant CPB will shape our Once Upon A Time In Slough programme this Autumn.

Want to join for the next CPB? Then join us on Wednesday 3 November, 6-8 pm.

Registration is now available on Eventbrite. Join us to shape the HOME Slough programme!

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