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Free training and coaching sessions announced with industry professionals

Following the success of the 2020 Training & Coaching Programme, HOME Slough is offering ten Slough based creatives/artists the opportunity to apply for free training and coaching sessions with industry professionals in 2021!

These weekly sessions will provide up to ten participants the time and space to reflect on their creative ideas, to gather more information, resources, and guidance from established industry mentors and coaches. From producing to fundraising to evaluation, you will gain a real insight into all the skills needed to successfully lead your projects and events. Each applicant will receive a £200.00 bursary after successfully completing the training.

The deadline is on the 3rd May at 12pm and successful applicants will be contacted by Friday 7th May 2021.

This is an invaluable opportunity, so be sure to apply.

The online Training & Coaching Programme
– Provide an online series of ‘Introduction to Producing’ training and coaching opportunities
– Be delivered through Zoom
– Address local artists to support them with developing the business side of their artistic practice and enable them to gain producing skills.
– Be open to any local artists who want to get involve
– Consist of three ‘modules’, each delivered by a different trainer; each module will include two 90 min online sessions (six in all)

Module 1

Two sessions planned & delivered by Anand Bhatt. Sessions will cover the following:

a) What does it mean to Produce your own work?
b) Developing your idea / Business Plan
c) Producing as a creative skill

Module 2
Two sessions to be planned & delivered by Hannah Matterson. Sessions will cover the following:

a) Introduction to Fundraising – topics in a funding application, how do you write about it, using budgets to tell your story
b) Setting & Managing Budgets

Module 3
Two sessions planned & delivered by Meg Peterson. Sessions will cover the following:

a) Engaging audiences – Marketing – selling, promoting, branding, social media
b) Engaging participants – eg local communities (adapting the Marketing skills from above)
c) Branding yourself & branding you creative work
d) Evaluation

Monday 17th May, 6.30pm: Ice-Breaker Session; 7pm: Introduction to Producing 1
Friday 28th May, 7pm: Introduction to Producing 2
Tuesday 1st June, 7pm: It’s all about the money 1
Monday 7th June, 7pm: It’s all about the money 2
Monday 14th June, 7pm: Engaging others in your work 1
Monday 21st June, 7pm: Engaging others in your work 2

Each participant will receive 1 hour coaching session every week, for 5 weeks. Coaches will include Rachel Bagshaw, Gemma Baxter, Suzanne Gorman, Alex Murdoch, Charlotte Semlyen.


Training & Coaching Programme 2021

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