Dynamite Island is coming to Slough!

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Dynamite Island is coming to Slough!

Performance company Dynamite Island is delighted to visit HOME Slough this year with The Great and the Grand, a musical show about your grandparents.

Over the last few years the company has been touring their ‘grandad cabaret’ Rendezvous in Bratislava (watch the trailer here), a show about theatre-maker Miriam’s grandad, a joke collector and cabaret writer who she never met. Now, the company works with local people in towns around the UK to create more time-travelling music theatre performances, this time featuring stories of participants’ own grandparents, and performed by the participants themselves.

July 3
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HOME Slough
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Over 6 weeks, Dynamite Island will work online with a group of Slough residents to share stories, write songs, and create an interactive video performance that will be shared on Saturday 3rd July 2021 (details will follow closer to the time).

Dynamite Island’s favourite thing about the project is that the show we create could only be made by the specific group of people we work with. A chance assembly of assorted ancestors!

The Great and The Grand was seed funded by Farnham Maltings, and has been supported by South Street Arts Centre and Manchester Jewish Museum.

About Dynamite Island
Dynamite Island is Thom Andrewes, Catherine Carter, Will Gardner and Miriam Sherwood. We combine live music with elements from participatory art, theatre, cabaret, radio and more, looking for new ways of telling stories and exploring the places where music, theatre and real life bump up against each other.

We have worked together for 10 years on music theatre events, cross-genre concerts, and contemporary opera productions. Our projects are collaboratively devised and produced, and we have partnered with artists and companies including performance company ERRATICA, chamber-pop orchestra The Coveryard. In the past we have produced work together under the names Carmen Elektra Opera Collective and Travelling Tent.

Twitter: @dynamiteisland | facebook.com/dynamiteisland

Song from Reading G&G: https://soundcloud.com/the_biting_point/keep-the-family-house

Quotes from audience members from previous G&G projects:

Warm, playful, thoughtful and tender.

It just felt really special, the intimacy of the stories and I think the way the production brought it out in people just felt really magical, there was a real energy warmth from everyone in the room between everyone. Human history is shaped by the stories that we tell around the campfire, and it really felt like that, like we were sharing stories around a campfire. It’s an important project at a divisive political time.

Extremely moving and enjoyable.

It was really moving to watch, so well presented and profound.

Excellent way of sharing stories, I want to find out more about my own family history now.

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